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Developer Diary Highlights Splinter Cell Conviction Co-Op Details, Story

Ubisoft's Splinter Cell Conviction is certainly shaping up to be quite the exciting co-op title.  While the game's main story mode is single player only, the developers are offering quite a few co-op modes for us co-op fans to enjoy, including an entire co-op campaign that sounds like it may run between 6 and 8 hours in length.  Well the news just keeps getting better as posted a Developer Diary with Patrick Redding, whom you may remember from last week's news post about how co-op is changing the games industry.  Though the video is rather brief, Patrick does bring up a few new points that had us intrigued.

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Owners of Older PS3s - You Can Turn It Back On

The Playstation 3 is many gamers co-op console of choice, but a major bug is being widely reported that is wiping trophies, stopping access to the Playstation Network, preventing people from using downloaded content, and denying access to new games such as Heavy Rain.  The issue is tied to certain older versions of firmware and is resetting the internal calendar within the PS3.

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February 2010 Co-Op Monthly Round-Up


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