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SMITE's 3.17 Patch Adds Dedicated PvE Mode for a Limited Time

While Hi-Rez's SMITE has allowed you to team up with a group of friends to take on a group of A.I. bots in any of the main match types, it hasn't had a dedicated PvE mode until the most recent patch dropped on the PC. The new mode, "Xing Tian's Mountain," pits five players against a selection of challenges, like fighting two gods (Ra and Vamana) that become empowered when the other dies, with each one becoming more difficult the more you succeed.

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Complete MMO editions with all expansion at cheap price.

MMO Deals: 40% Off Elder Scrolls Online Gold, 66% Off The Secret World

Following news that The Secret World's forums were hacked, maybe the way to entice new players is a discount? Perhaps that's why Funcom has gone ahead with a Bundle Stars sale with a 66% discount on both the Ultimate and Standard Editions of the game. At $20.39 for Ultimate and $10.19 for Standard, we're looking at Summer Sale price levels and the lowest we've seen in recent months.

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Our Weekend In Gaming: Hail to the Chiefs

Good afternoon!  The Co-opticrew is recovering from the PAX West News-A-Thon, and to reinforce the fact that we're all totally human and not at all cyborg journalists attached to a central hivemind, we're each doing so in our own, unique ways.  

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