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Sins of a Solar Empire Patched in Anticipation of Diplomacy Expansion

Diplomacy, Stardock's latest expansion to their popular 4X strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire, is slated to hit any day now.  In anticipation of its release, the company has released a patch that fixes a few known issues with the original game as well as the other expansion pack, Entrenchment.  Additionally, they've released a few more screenshots of Diplomacy that highlight some interesting new features of the expansion, including a new point system that's used for diplomatic relations, and new computer opponent difficulty levels.

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This Week In Co-Op: 'Splosion Men Speak Out

'Splosion Man is the zany platformer exclusive to the Xbox LIVE Arcade that had gamers excited for co-op this past summer. We all seem to enjoy timing our simultaneous explosions in co-op with one of four different colored 'Splosion Men. Now that the games technical issues have been patched, I've given the co-op another go, and was inspired to share this audio recording I discovered in one of the labs.* Our own OrigamiPanther has helped me transcribe this tape to be shared here today.

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Dawn of War 2 Last Stand Profile: Hive Tyrant

Counting down to the Dawn of War 2 DLC expansion titled "Chaos Rising," the developers have started releasing details about the two new Commander heroes for the Last Stand mode. This week we learn about the hulking beast of a Tyranid Hive Tyrant - who's durability and swarm summoning abilities make him a force to be reckoned with.

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