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Borderlands: Bring Claptrap Home Soon

In a recent interview with Claptrap, we discover the lovable dancing robot from Borderlands will be making a grand entrance as an action figure of sorts. got the scoop, and NECA is building us a Claptrap. In the interview Claptrap discusses some of the greatness of being an action figure, features this toy will be endowed, and the pros and cons of playing with children.

by Marc Allie 3

Our Weekend In Gaming - Here There Be Games Edition

I can't recall a more varied list of games being played by our staff than this week.  From the casual to the hardcore, home consoles to portables, between the eight of us, we're playing all sorts of gamers.  Let's ust hope we get enough gaming time in to play them all...

by Katrina Pawlowski 18
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Microsoft Points Bundles Changed To Fit Gamers Needs

Remember when Xbox LIVE was young, and the only available point values to purchase were 500, 1000 , etc? Those values were strange, because they didn't match the cost of the games and you always had strange leftover amounts. On a $5 (400) game, you had 100 leftover useless MSPoints (which is approximate $1.50). On a $10 (800) game, you had 200 unused MSPoints leftover. Not enough to do anything with, but no refunds on your real-life money.

by Jason Love 8
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The Scourge Project Hits Steam Today, 10% Off For First Week

A couple weeks ago we got some hands-on time with Tragnarion Studio's four player co-op, third-person shooter, The Scourge Project, and were rather pleased with what we saw.  A co-op game where the narrative can be viewed from four unique perspectives is a particular mechanic that we certainly haven't seen in many of the games we've played and reviewed here at Co-Optimus, and one that Omar Salleh, the game's director, discussed in a bit more detail in our interview with him.  After the preview and the discussion with Omar, we were eager to get our hands on the full-game and see what mysteries it had in store for us.  Well, the time is finally at hand as Tragnarion announced today that The Scourge Project will be available for purchase on Steam today, and is even available at a 10% discount if you order it within the first week of its release.

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