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Assault Heroes Now up On PSN

At the end of December we told you that Assault Heroes, the Wanako developed top down co-op shooter, would be hitting the PlayStation Network this year.  It's this year...and the game is out.  Published by Konami the game is almost identical to its Xbox Live bretheren, with one exception - there's no online co-op.  

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Co-Op Classics: Robocop 2

Co-Op Classics turns the calendar back to 1991 this week, when the co-op brawler was king. Robocop 2 was a fine example, featuring two-player co-op, over the shoulder shooting, and racing-like levels. Also check out the first Co-Op Classics video!

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Our Weekend in Gaming - A Mass Effect Edition

It may not be a co-op release, even though it was rumored to have it, but Mass Effect 2 looks to be dominating the staff's (limited) gaming time this weekend.  Other highlights include more co-op board game action, some classic Gears of War and perhaps even some fist bump action.

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Combat Arms First Look at UI Enhancements

Combat Arms has been pushing out monthly updates to the game, adding content and features like new weapons, kits, and even cooperative modes. Now Nexon is set for the biggest update to the game's user interface. We sat down with Graham Kays, Producer for Combat Arms, for an exclusive first look.

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