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Co-Opticast Episode 32: Billy Saves Christmas

It's another exciting episode of the Co-Opticast! We're rapidly approaching 2010 as Nick and Mike take a quick breath to look at 2009 spouting all the wonderful titles they've been playing. News is of course on the agenda, with a few items that may peak your interest. Finally they discuss the eternal question in co-op - Do more players make a better experience? Find out all this and more as Mike and Nick save Christmas during Episode 32 of the Co-Opticast.

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Dawn of War Expansion Dated

Somehow during the holiday rush, we missed that Dawn of War 2's first expansion pack, Chaos Rising has been given a release date!  I know I'm looking forward to continuing my testosterone-fueled domination of the galaxy, how about you?

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Brink is One Enormous Co-Op Game

Are you getting tired of playing 6 hour shallow games? Splash Damage hears you on that, and promises that Brink will be a truly massive game. The single player experience will keep you busy for quite some time with intense story, character animations that promise to deliver that human feel to the game, and of course co-op with incentives for playing together. Splash Damage's CEO Paul Wedgewood had this to say on the game.  

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Diablo III Lead World Designer Talks Lore

The folks over at Hellforge had an interesting conversation with Diablo III's Lead World Designer, Leonard Boyarksy.  There is relatively little information related to gameplay in the interview, but for fans of the intricate lore and storyline of the Diablo saga, it's definitely worth a read.  Boyarksy discusses how the random quests are still tied into the main storyline, and also gives some insight into how closely the lore team works with artists and programmers.

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