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LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Whips Up Online Co-Op

Lego Indiana Jones 2 was released last week, to the delight of plastic block fans everywhere.  The game is an excellent sequel, adding in levels based on The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as well as a co-op creation mode.  All this, plus the original game's levels, too!  But one thing was missing, and it's a feature we dearly love: online co-op.  Couch co-op is great, but sometimes, your real life partners aren't around to bust some Nazis.  According to the LucasArts Twitter feed, this problem will be fixed soon.

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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide - Technology and Gadgets

It's time once again for our annual Holiday Guides for cooperative gaming and lifestyle. Everyday this week we'll be bringing you a small guide with some recommendations for gifts that you can give your loved ones, all in the spirit of co-op. Up first is Technology and Gadgets

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CoG Network Child's Play Drive

Every year the fine folks at Penny-Arcade put together a charity drive of epic proportions to benefit sick children.  Called Child's Play, the charity event spans the internet raising what literally amounts to millions of dollars, all from gamers.

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