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Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 Surprises in Store, Co-Op Brought Up

Put this one in your back's thin. Several outlets are quoting Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling from yesterday's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 event, and they're running wild with the possibilities. So far, the most plausible theories have been in regards to the single-player campaign story; Infinity Ward has a reputation for outdoing themselves with incredible setpieces, cutscenes, and all-around production value.

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Guitar Hero Going Plug and Play?

Just when we thought the Guitar Hero franchise might actually be headed in the right direction, Bobby Kotick has to go and ruin it.  The oft-despised, Machiavellian Activision CEO offered some hints as to his plans to, in essence, ruin Guitar Hero specifically, and video games in general, eventually.

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Episode 27: All I Wanna Be Is ODST

In this episode, the post-PAX malaise has lifted and we resume your regularly-scheduled podcast. Mike and Nick explore this week's news, call out net-based game streaming services, spout random game knowledge and yes, Nick got to play ODST. With proper restraint, his 5-minute review lasted a mere nine minutes! All this and more await you when you click the fabled "Listen Now" link!

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Borderlands PC Version Delayed a Week

Don't panic!  But Borderlands on the PC just had its release date delayed.  Thankfully it's only been moved back six days from October 20th to October 26th.  The reason?  Adding that spit shine and polish the game so desperately deserves.  According to Gearbox that optimization process is taking just a bit longer than expected.  

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