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Lost Planet 2 Boss Profiles, Screenshots

The Akrid from Lost Planet 2 are multiplying, and Capcom wants us to know what we're up against. First, Capcom has given a name to the giant salamander akrid that you faced in the demo. You can now call that giant ugly creature Gordiant. His boss profile suggests that he likes eating survivors, long walks on the beach - but may lose interest if you shoot him in the tonsils. He's one of the few bosses that will actually swallow you and your friends (and have you live to tell about it), but as long as you've got ammo, you can take him out from the inside.

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Why Valkyria Chronicles 2 is on the PSP

Many were shocked to hear that a Valkyria Chronicles sequel was in the works, and furthermore, were shocked to hear it was going to have a cooperative mode.  But everyone's collective jaws hit the floor when they found out the game was going to be a PlayStation Portable exclusive.  Why would Sega choose to go this route for a sequel to one of the most beautiful PlayStation 3 games available?

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Co-Op Review

The Mario Bros. series has remained incredibly popular through the years. But one thing that has been missing from most Mario Bros. games is co-op. The latest game in the series, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, goes back to Mario's roots in co-op, allowing four players to join together to beat Bowser.

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Halo Waypoint Co-Op Night: Legendary Co-Op Night

It's time for another Halo Waypoint co-op night, and this month we're focusing on Legendary! Grab a friend or two, it's all about killing Brutes, attacking Hunters and surviving onslaughts of those damn flying bugs! Read on to find out how to join up and finally get those missing achievements.

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