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I have both the systems pre-ordered and both of their headset / mic solutions are kind of crap. Earbuds just plain out suck. They are uncomfortable and other people can't share them unless they enjoy also sharing earwax.

With the Kinect other people in the house will hear the xbox live banter. At least it will now be good at filtering out background noise though. There is a video on youtube that I just watched where it could tune out all noise but the player speaking. From: Microsoft Will Not Offer Free Headset with Xbox One
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Hmm, its a Microsoft published XBLA title. Until there is an official announcement I wouldn't get your hopes up on a PS3 launch. I can't think of any MS games that make it to the PS3 but most of them make it to the PC 6 months to a year later. Trials Evo, Twisted Shadow planet, Shadow Complex, ect. From: Zen Studios Describes CastleStorm's Multiple Co-Op Modes
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4 players couch Co-op zombies? This game is getting hard to resist. From: Co-Op Spotlight - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
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Thanks for the info bapenguin! You guys are the only place on the internet I can any solid info on local multiplayer or split-screen online on games. From: Halo 4 Co-Op FAQ
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So, since others can't join your local co-op I'm assuming that means no more split-screen online? From: Halo 4 Campaign Impressions and Co-Op Info