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As DeadCops pointed out, Mass Effect got a pass for it because it kept every single MP DLC free (which in turn helped community cohesion). Since this just seems like convenience fees I'm not sold on it - or the Xbox 1 in general but that's another story.

From: Ryse: Son of Rome Filled with Microtransaction "Goodness"
Engineer Seven
Just a PSA it's a Double Affinity (Exp) weekend in Warframe. Great time to get started or prestige your frames and guns. From: Our Weekend in Gaming - Free Things are Nice Edition
Engineer Seven
Glad to see Warframe get some coverage here. Really solid game and shockingly high quality for a F2P title. From: Warframe Co-Op Impressions
Engineer Seven
If you buy all the content the game is costing about $12/month (more if you bought it at release, math based on the current $29.99MSRP) to play, on top of whatever Live fees you may or may not have. Who says subscription MMOs don't work on consoles? From: Second Level Cap Coming This Fall to Borderlands 2
Engineer Seven
Let's go PC. From: Co-Optimus "Grab Bag" Giveaway