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Good to see this title still has some life in it!! From: Earth Defense Force 2017 Co-Op Review
Thanks for all this great info guys. God bless co-optimus. From: Resident Evil 6 Co-Op FAQ
A friend and I gave this game and Kung Fu Strike a go in the same evening.

I have to say, we had a LOT more fun with Kung Fu Strike. The small areas were very digestible, the combat so fluid, and in general we just had a blast despite that game's low budget presentation.

Though we really wanted to like Double Dragon and of course the presentation was a joy, by comparison just felt so stiff and sluggish, with unsatisfying combos. I wonder if we would have felt differently if we tried Double Dragon first...

I'll revisit it, but just wanted to share that comparison and encourage people to give Kung Fu Strike a shot! From: Double Dragon: Neon Co-Op Review
Thanks for thoughts Yeah, I figured that since it's more of an RPG the difficulty wouldn't be such a problem.

Good to know which skills are useful as well! I usually just go with my heart and what sounds fun, but it's also such a disappointment to invest in something useless... From: Lord of the Rings: War in the North Co-Op Review
I'm about to start this game with two friends who are only so-so at playing action videos games. I'd love a recommendation whether it would be wise to start our game on 'easy' difficulty. Too much of a cakewalk is of course not so fun, but if it keeps the game from turning into a slog later that sounds like a nice perk... From: Lord of the Rings: War in the North Co-Op Review