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This looks dreadful. I actually sat through the whole presentation to my surprise. The presentation was obviously edited in a rush to calm people down, as there were weird flickering bugs and cuts all over the place.
Overstrike looked pretty damn cool. For whatever reason they decided to have the game take itself seriously, with horrible results. Also, I haven't found anything original in the presentation, while they're trying to explain it like it is. Different names for existing features don't make them new.

Still, it could be OK as far as coop gameplay goes, but with where it's headed right now all my interest has disappeared. From: Huge New Fuse Video Offers 18 Minutes of Story, Weapons, Characters, and Co-Op
I'll keep an eye out, LadySwans. Thanks. From: Borderlands 2 DLC 1: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Trailer
Still haven't finished the main game yet. I have two characters in their late 20's (one single player and one for coop) and have yet to get to the end of the story. So I won't be getting this yet. Might pick up the season pass later on though, hopefully when the price goes down a bit more.
As far as this DLC goes, the trailer didn't do a whole lot for me. Felt a bit out of place and forced. The actual additions to the game don't look that great either. Sure, some new fun enemies to play around with, but the rest wasn't anything special as far as I could tell. From: Borderlands 2 DLC 1: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Trailer
As expected, they went with the same idea for this trailer (slow movement, piano music, emotional expressions), trying to get the same feeling to it as they did with the trailer of the first game. Though pretty good on its own, it doesn't come close to the emotional impact of the other.
The characters don't look nearly as good as the previous ones so the emotions are harder to read.
Trailer aside, I'll keep an eye out for some gameplay movies. Wasn't too impressed with the first game, so I hope they managed to polish a lot of things. From: New Trailer for Dead Island Riptide
Overkill sounds like a horrible feature because it goes against what makes the series at least decent. As far as I understand it, it let's you do extreme damage to anything that moves, including those heavy armoured guys. He had one down in a few bursts near the start of the clip. This completely destroys the whole flanking mechanic and tactical approach.
I can tell you what will happen when someone starts playing it. They save up the chance to activate Overkill for the "tougher enemies", much as you save up special items in RPG's because they're worth too much. They are worth so much that you won't use them at all.

Eh, I guess the gameplay looked a bit better than what the second game had to offer. I quit that one halfway through. Gunplay looks a bit heavier and controls a bit tighter, which is good. Like others have said, I don't feel much for these new characters, though Rios and Salem weren't that interesting either.

I'll probably skip this. From: 8 Minutes of Co-Op Gameplay and Screens for Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel