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I'd say it's a good game for those that want to enter a MOBA style game but are afraid of it being hard or difficult to understand. There are a few options that makes it easy to play:

no minions, just other players/AI, which means no need to "farm", no need to check which items to buy, since you can enable to the game to buy items automatic to you every time you get out of the base, so you can really focus on just combat and another thing, only have one lane, and since you can see where are the other team members, makes it easy to play.

Also, you only have 3 skills per character, you could say that one of them is their ult, or signature move as it's called in game

From: Speed-MOBA Solstice Arena Spawns PC Version

PC, if SR2 on PC was crap, SR3 was great, why shouldn't SR4 be even better by playing golf.....using enemies as golf balls!

From: Saints Row IV PC and PlayStation 3 Giveaway
Boo, just like other Steam games, just for US. From: Amazon Launches Indie Game Store for PC
And the game is at least playable now....at least coop using Steam matchmaking. But there are a few odd things like the shotgun animation, a tutorial would be nice too. From: Orion: Dino Horde Updates Original Game