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DJ Cherkes
I like dub step, but I always imagine Master Chief with some soul searching music following him around in the background. This music sounds like it belongs in a sports/racing game. Regardless, nice to see Halo looking like Halo. Good times. From: Thanks for the Weaponry - The New Halo 4 Trailer
DJ Cherkes
Armor Biff

I've been playing LFD2 as well. Mostly with my co-worker, but I also just played local co-op with my wife! Great fun as a split-screen. Lots of shouting and OMGOMGOMG we're gonna die. From: The 2011 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards
DJ Cherkes
Huh, no Trine 2? I mostly agree with the co-op win for Gears of War 3, though the BS of not allowing a guest account just about knocks them off the top for me. Happily played 2010's Halo: Reach instead of GOW3 when my friends were over, due to that... As for Trine 2, it was very close to #1 on my co-op list this year. Then again, Beat Hazard might be some of the most rockin' fun I've had all year, and that co-op wasn't mentioned either... Regardless, nice list! From: The 2011 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards
DJ Cherkes
If they have both local and online co-op campaign, I'd get it. From: Grim Dawn's Future is Looking Bright
DJ Cherkes
Seriously sweet! From: Serious Sam HD Giveaway