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Why unlock Adas from the get go? She is a secretive character and as such should be worked for to unlock, not just given to the player. I would like to see some tweaks to agent hunter. A fun mode that has promise. From: Resident Evil 6 to Receive a Patch This December
Seeing as the campaign for her is completely single player how the hell are they going to throw in a co-op buddy? From: Resident Evil 6 Title Update Adds More Co-Op
I thoroughly enjoyed Diablo on the ps1 and it didn't work half bad. They really do need more of these games on console! From: E3 2012: Realms of Ancient War To Fill ARPG Void On Consoles
I love Double Dragon but this looks a little too generic for my liking. From: Prepare to Return to the Eighties and Bust a Few Heads with Double Dragon: Neon
Wow! A captcha that can actually be read! Dont see that on the internet too often lol From: Unit 13 with 4GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card Giveaway