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This article gives a false impression of the fanbase's reaction towards Dark Souls II.

Reduced Difficulty - This is more or less the only correct part. Nobody wants a reduction in difficulty, even if it would make more people get into the game quicker. The whole Souls series of games are about overcoming huge obstacles and then reveling in the subsequent feeling of achievement. If you turned Dark Souls II into just any old hack'n'slay, most of that feeling would be lost, and the game would suffer from it.

Coherent Plot - No, just no. Dark Souls already had a plot that made sense - it simply wasn't handed to you on a silver platter. It took some research and an eye for detail, but in the end, most questions are answered and events make sense. This is also part of the feeling of achievement one can gain from Dark Souls. Being spoonfed information just makes the whole thing mundane and it ruins the atmosphere. The player's feelings and stance towards things are not considered - they are told how things unfold and what they should think. Whoever wants that already has a plethora of other games to choose from that do this. There's no reason to ruin the Souls games style of storytelling.

Intuitive Combat - Combat in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls already is intuitive, with tight controls and very well executed. Everyone would love to see improvements. What we don't want to see is a fast-paced combo-oriented battle system à la Devil May Cry or God of War. Combat in Souls games required patience, strategy and precision. We don't want to lose that.

A working Summoning System - I have no idea why you would even say that. Nobody is satisfied with a clunky and buggy summoning system. Fans have been asking for improvements since the launch of Dark Souls, and now we've heard and Dark Souls II is getting servers once more.[/list:u">

Please get your facts straight before posting such a misleading article. I don't understand why you, as an apparent Dark Souls fan, would want to make the rest of the fanbase seem like overreacting and stupid elitists. From: New Dark Souls II Concept Art
This article isn't quite accurate. Just because FROM SOFTWARE locked the resolution at 1024x720 (because that is what it was on the console versions) it doesn't mean it's a "bug". Also, Durante didn't fix it within 30 mins, it took him a whole week to do the framework before the release. From: Dark Souls PC Resolution Bugged, Fixed By Modders in Minutes
Oh thank god - I won't be forced to import the game from Austria yet again, because Germany insists on their pointless censorship of violence. From: To Gib, Or Not to Gib, that is the Borderlands 2 Question
This is massively awesome news! Definitely going to buy this! From: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is Out This September, Cross Platform Compatible
Hot damn. This format sounds incredibly awesome. Bbl, time to make a Horde deck. From: Tabletop Co-Op: Magic the Gathering Horde Mode