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Exactly my thoughts...how is it both companies have only the cheap-o pack-in available at launch? Just feels weird....

From: Xbox One Headset Adapter Delayed Until 2014
I'll be watching this one, sounds like it has potential. From: E3 2013 - How to Survive Hands-On Impressions
I stand corrected, and I have to say I'm surprised. But I have an excuse since I'm single, and never had to get the details on family sharing.

Seems to me they are gambling on losing 1/2 of game sales, if they allow you and one other to play the same game at once. Plus, until they define 'family', who's to prevent people from setting up virtual families of 10 members? There'd have to be lots of trust amongst the group, but it could happen if they're not strict enough on the definition.

Or else I see them reducing the size of the family, else them may end up selling only 1/10th the number of games to single-player minded people. From: Microsoft Outlines Xbox One's Digital Rights
"Too many rules. This whole thing has gotten too complicated to bother with. I want to buy a console and play my games, no hassle, no bs.

Buh-bye Xbone."

Same here. But I honestly think Sony will be abiding by the same rules, as I think this license BS is industry driven. I don't see games any differently than music or movies, AND games are MUCH different than say an operating system or Office.

So for me, it looks like Buh-bye Next Gen. Time to waste my money elsewhere. From: Microsoft Outlines Xbox One's Digital Rights
"Your family members have access to your game library anywhere. So your brother could go to his friend's house and play Halo 5 while you also play Halo 5 on your own Xbox One."

You sure this is correct? I could have sworn it said that up to 10 family members can play YOUR games that YOU'VE installed on your MAIN console? I don't take that to mean that they can play YOUR games on any console, the same way that you can. Looks to me that games are now tied to one main gamertag, who has a main console (the console the game gets installed onto first), and that gamertag has a list of 10 family members.

Plus I really doubt that they'd allow you to simultaneously play two instances of one game. That goes against their 'game is a license only' nonsense.

My apologies if this has been clarified recently. From: Microsoft Outlines Xbox One's Digital Rights