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The dashboard is difficult to navigate. Everyday Xbox users can find things relatively easy, but if my wife wants to watch Netflix or set up a game for the kids when I'm not around, she has a lot of trouble! And "launch week" does seem to be the only time that XBLA games get good visibility. I'd like to see more titles under the "Sales & Specials" tab. Even small discounts on 2-3 month old games may remind me of a title I didn't have time/ points for earlier! From: On the Download Issue 36: The Decline of XBLA
My favorite cannon fodder is Orcs. They Must Die! House of the Dead 4 sounds fun! I'd love a copy to play with my Move!
@cave_bo From: The House of the Dead 4 Co-Op Review and Giveaway
Either PSN or XBLA would be great!
My favorite candy is Reese's Cups, but I reeeeeally wanted some Sour Patch Kids after playing the World Gone Sour demo yesterday! From: World Gone Sour XBLA and PSN Giveaway