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What i think of Aliens: Colonial Marines

I feel a lot of the reviews out on this are being more brutal than they should be. Its worth a rent at least, its always fun shooting up aliens and the multiplayer isn't that bad. My overall score? 6/10. 8/10 if you play it cooperatively, which you should. Graphics - Subpar at best. A lot of the surface textures look unfinished, everything feels kinda bland, peoples faces before and after dieing never change and don't look too good either. Cut scenes are not all that great either. I was skeptical of this because there wasn't a lot of footage of actually gameplay released before the game came out.

by vegetarian barbarian

CCV: Crew?

Im pretty good at the games i play, i just dont find many online or i just cant seem to get people to play with me. Is this an invitation? Yes, yes it is, in fact, i would like someone to let me play with their pawn in Dragons Dogma for the PS3 please!

by vegetarian barbarian

Vegetarian Barbarian's Who am i?

With that being said i find it frustrating that there are so many games out there and that are coming out that are not couch co-op friendly. I love getting together with someone to play games. Much like at an arcade (where it all started out). My girlfriend of 5 years and i share the same interest in going to someones house and playing games with. Im not a huge fan of playing over the internet because i like being more personal, though i dont hate doing it. I just have more fun that way.

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