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Remembering co-op: Timesplitters 2

The year is 200X and I'm at my best friends house. He had recently purchased a game for his Playstation 2, titled "Timesplitters 2" and we were just about to sit down and play it.     EU cover, so much better than the American one Now X years later (Poor memory), I'm writing this blog post to re...

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It's Richard Nixon, not Ronald Reagan.

From: PAYDAY 2 'Armored Transport' DLC Now Available on PC

Can you play Spartan Ops without being online and a Gold Subscriber?

Because those are the things that has kept me from buying Halo 4.

From: See Above: Halo 4 GotY Edition
Saints Row 3 had LAN support and this does look like it's using the same engine (Because everything looks pretty much identical), so I'm guessing this will support LAN too? Also, any word on online passes? From: Saints Row IV Inauguration Station Available Now
That settles it then.

Not getting this game on release. From: 10 Minutes of Saints Row IV, Pre-Order Outfits Announced, Australian Version Gets De-Violenced
My question might seem odd, but is genuine.

Can I play it offline?

Because a game that I lose entirely once support for it is dropped is not worth a thing to me. From: The Division Explains Its Co-Op (a bit)