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Just to clarify for everyone, it's available in North America -> so my fellow Canadians can join too if they want. However, when I tried to make a profile earlier, I was having issues connecting; I'm assuming due to increased traffic on their website.

From: Warface Has Invaded America and Europe at Last

Unless future patch notes read: 'Completely erased and re-wrote enemy AI', 'added leveling system', 'added 20 weapons', and 'added 10 maps', it's not really worth trying again. It's so far behind Rainbow Six, it just can't compete.

From: Takedown: Red Sabre Patched on PC, Free Copy of the Game Gifted for Troubles

wow.. Ya, any existing weapons that people had in their hands should at least have the option to stay the same. That being said, I'm sure people who grinded Borderlands2 to get the conference call shotgun and the bee shield were frustrated when that got nerfed too (so it's not like this is unheard of in RPG shooters).

From: Patch 1.105 for Defiance tries to Spice up Gunplay

Ya, I don't have that big of a steam folder and yet it is already closing in on 800GB of standard sized games. Hopefully Microsoft makes the external hard drive support functional early on. It won't take long to buy 9 games most likely and if 50GB is an average game size, there goes the on-board drive.

From: Killzone: Shadow Fall Needs 50GB of Your HDD

I don't think I've ever done this on this website, but I have to warn my fellow gamers.. This game is terrible. There are FAR more issues that just AI not hearing you or there being connectivity issues.

Let me put it this way: Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield was made a full 10 years ago. EVERY aspect of Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield is better than Takedown. Rainbow Six 3 has more guns, better sound effects, similar graphics, better AI (even though it's also dated by today's standards), better maps, more maps, squad commands (that's right, your AI 'backup' is even dumber in Takedown than it was in Rainbow Six 3's, and you can't command these ones), far better mission planning assets, better character animations, etc. The enemy AI in Takedown is also atrocious -> don't get me wrong, the game's hard, but not in a way that makes any sense. You have a better chance at beating the AI by running and gunning than you do by trying to take things stealthily. Why do I say this? Because the bots will occasionally snap-shot you in the face.. regardless of if they had their guns raised or were even looking in your direction. What's worse, is that your friendly AI very rarely returns fire. This results in one enemy bot destroying your entire squad in about 2 seconds. What further raises the 'what-the-heck-o-meter' is that enemies can sometimes take a retarded amount of ammo without even flinching. I get it that body shots with a hand gun wouldn't necessarily take down an enemy in one shot (especially if they were wearing body armor). However, that shot would definitely leave a mark. There are ZERO bullet reactions for these non-lethal shots in Takedown, so even if you shoot first, if the bullet isn't an instant killshot, the bot calmly but quickly spins and unloads on you. This makes it so that taking things quietly isn't an option because if you don't spray everyone full of ammo, they are likely to twitch-kill you before you can tell if your shot was lethal or not.

Basically, if Takedown had been released on the same day as Rainbow Six 3 way back in 2003, everyone still would have said that Rainbow Six 3 was by far the better of the 2 games. The fact that this got released in 2013 is ridiculous. Now, I will certainly keep trying it again after every patch, but the amount and variety of issues really makes me skeptical that they can polish away enough to make this a decent purchase. To be fair, it certainly will be more fun in coop (especially 4 player), but there's still one major problem: you and your friends could simply buy Raven Shield on steam instead and instantly have a much more enjoyable experience.

From: Serellan Addresses Launch Issues for PC Version of Takedown: Red Sabre