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Digging Diablo 3

The third installment in the Diablo series is the first one I'm playing this close to release. I played the first Diablo forever ago and somehow managed to thrust the crystal into my forehead. I played a couple hours of Diablo 2 years after it was released and saw that it was good. I quickly got distracted with other things, and there it sit...

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I'm not too sure about this. It doesn't take too many hours to plow through the story on normal difficulty, so I think most of the millions of players would probably have done that by now. You see what the game is about quick enough.

Also I have to wonder if the numbers aren't actually pretty similar for Diablo 2 as well. Co-op might have given the game longevity, but most people could still have played it single-player first and foremost. Only the co-opers kept on truckin'.

I wrote a glowing blog post about D3 where I counted the ways I liked it. After hitting Nightmare, I'm now onto Blizzard's game. D3 is an exercise in doing the bare minimum in every respect. Nothing in the game feels like there was some dude slaving away in his cubicle late at night, giving a bunch of pixels some lovin'. Instead, it feels like there was a wart-nosed bean counter standing behind the dude's shoulder, reminding him how much they could save in costs if they only made the game with the sample assets bundled with My First RPG Maker '92, flapping the musty floppy to cool his sweaty pallor. But enough about me!

Blizzard wants people to play the game co-op because it simply doesn't hold up single-player. Playing through the same content over and over again is a recipe for rapid expiration for most people. In a way Blizzard is expecting the players to make the game fun, so that they don't have to. They provide the container in which the players can put the fun they bring along with them. Cost-effective and deliciously diabolical. Maybe the black soulstone is just a metaphor for the company that made the game.

This game will live and die based on (lemme put on my professor glasses) the vitality of its social ecosystem. Blizzard has to get people to interact with each other. Giving them a faceless auction house in place of face-to-face I'll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours grassroots trading old school ghetto style is a great way to make that interaction less likely.

I'm playing the game single-player because I have nobody to play it with, and because I don't like random experiences with random people from the Internets, who could potentially be naked. I could try to get a couple people addicted by giving them the starter codes, but they wouldn't be able to play with me. A weird decision in a game where co-op is supposedly the main attraction.

In other words, BAWWW! From: Single-Player, Not Co-Op, "Is The Clear Choice" of Diablo 3 Players says Blizzard