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You only need the adapter to take the 3DS online, and that's only if you don't have someone playing the game on the WiiU.

You and your friend will be able to play locally, and also online. From: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Co-Op Review
The problem isn't that SR3 and from the looks of it SR4 had/have dildo bats, fecal tossing, and absurdity. The problem is that going from SR2 to SR3 was like going from a carnival to an acid trip. SR2 was silly and crude yes, but it also had a good driving system that SR3 broke, a good plot, a not great but at least somewhat engaging combat system, and more than 3 quests. If you ignore all the silliness in both games, SR3 just seems like they only made half a game, and 4 appears to going even deeper down the rabbit latrine.

It's one thing to focus on an aspect of a medium that people seem to enjoy. It's another to focus entirely on that one aspect in spite of everything else. From: Saints Row 4 Reveal Trailer Has Got Everything You Need and Then Some
On the one hand I'm all for Nintendo throwing out an option for the people who want the 3DS version to take with them but don't want to drop another $60 just to play online. On the other hand they could have just asked Capcom to add online support to the 3DS version. From: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo Drops Today, Wii U LAN Adapter Enables Online 3DS Play
My only disappointment with the co-op mode is that it was too short. The second mission is a unique challenge, but if you learn the guard's patrols it's possible to take them all out. And if I recall correctly you get authorized to use lethal force shortly after entering the building. From: This Week in Co-Op: Developing a Conviction for Splinter Cell