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Am I taking crazy pills? I thought Fable 2 already did this? They divided the game into 4 (5?) parts, with each available for a smaller price, such that it adds up to the price of the full game on disc. Did they stop doing that? Did I imagine it in the first place? From: Fable III Goes Episodic
Let me guess if you bought the PC version, screw you. Amirite? From: Resident Evil 5 DLC "Desperate Escape" Available Now, Gold Edition Next Week
I understand *why* they did it, but excluding couch co-op really hurt them. I loved playing e.g. the old Baldur's Gate games in local co-op. A "light" MMO that allowed two (or four!) players split-screening could have bumped a 3/5 game to 4/5 easily. From: White Knight Chronicles Co-Op Review
Played an early version at PAX; did not "get" it. The demo they had out had you running around and as you ran over blocks they turned your team's color. Team with the most blocks at the end wins. No real hook that I could find, but maybe they're adding the *fun* part later... From: Behemoth's "Game #3" Gets A Name: BattleBlock Theater
How heavy was it? I've seen 12-inchers as low as 3 and as high as 6 pounds, and those extra few really make a difference when the point is to be "ultraportable" From: Dell Alienware M11x Announced, PC Gaming on the Go