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After a few technical difficulties . . .

. . . Nothing really important to blog.  I've just had a long spell of work and having some difficulties trying to get back on the co-optimus website.  I still see some friendly faces, so I figure I'd better check in and say hi - that way I can get invited to some Borderlands 2, Halo 4, and Mass Effect 3 fun this December. ...

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Common Sense in Buying games

I unveiled a list of rules for common sense in buying video games, one I intended for helping me and others save money on buying video games.

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"Your family members have access to your game library anywhere. So your brother could go to his friend's house and play Halo 5 while you also play Halo 5 on your own Xbox One."

I'm doing a double-take on that one. That would be a big time revolution in multiplayer gaming - if they can pull it off. Yet, didn't Sony try this with PS3 games that could port to the Vita, only for 3rd party developers to put an end to it before the release of the Vita? I remember this one well, for that feature was the prime reason I wanted a Vita - then changed my mind when I heard that only a very few Sony exclusive titles would be able to to it. From: Microsoft Outlines Xbox One's Digital Rights
WildCard Zen
Pretty much. I wish they'd address the massive lag-outs on Spartan Ops. But that's typical of whomever is managing Halo (Bungie or 343) - multiplayer gets constant polishing while Firefight, 4 player campaign, and other co-op stuff gets kicked to the curb.

But the weapons need addressing. last time I played Oddball or Swat, I quit using everything but pistol, because the pistol is the best overpowered weapon of all time. From: Halo 4 to Receive Massive Weapons Update
WildCard Zen
I tried it last night. Video clips are kinda meh. The gameplay is promising, but the lag was horrible. I've played around with resolution and framerate settings, but got no improvement.

I'm not giving up on this one. At least Steam gave me a chance to demo it and give me some inkling to get a PS3 copy. From: Defiance is Free on Steam This Weekend, Upcoming DLC Details
WildCard Zen
I think we need to cut through the gnatty details and look at the bottom line. The reason why there is such a demand for the used game market, or borrowing games from a friend, or renting before you buy market - is COST. New games are expensive. The gaming market favors roping in those die-hard "Flavor of the month gamers" that will stand in line at midnight to be first to have the biggest, best, newest thing, while the smart gamers wait for costs to go down, bugs to be worked out, and word of mouth reviews to come in before buying.

By everything I'm seeing, Xbox One is pissing on smart consumers, and exploiting those Flavor of the month gamers who will buy a turd as long as it has Xbox stamped on it.

Smart consumers have alternatives - Sony, Roku, Steam, and PC gaming. As I've pointed out in another post, there is little to offer in exclusives from Xbox other than Halo, Gears of War, and stuff that hits Xbox first, but then hits everything else later that month. And guess what? Both Halo and Gears of War are available on PC!

And what is the bottom line in cost? Sony is still using their free to play online and optional Playstation Plus model on the PS4. That's a safe call. Their games may be higher on PS4 ($100 is the rumor) but even those will drop like all games do after their release. Most games today with season passes and special editions are already averaging $100 new today, so that's not that much of a shocker.

Xbox will still charge for Gold memberships on top of their 2nd install fees. Add that to the price of a new game and it's DLCs, and suddenly we're seeing Sony as big long term bargain - just like it is now.

I will also point out, I can still hook up my PS2 and play online games (if I can find someone else with the same game online). Can you do that with the original Xbox? There's a track record to consider.

What am I doing? Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina DLC is my last hurrah on Xbox Live (Cuz it's already paid for via season pass). Aside from Bing points for MS points, I'm done spending money on xbox. When my Gold subscription expires, its nothing but PS3/4? and PC from then on. I was growing weary of keep up with 3 mistresses and I'm cutting off the biggest golddigger of the 3. This weeks events was just the final push I needed. From: Xbox One To Charge Fees for 2nd Installs, No Backwards Compatibility
WildCard Zen

That achievement name alone can be used against them for a faulty advertising lawsuit, consumer fraud, or breach of contract. It was obivious they planned to up the level cap, and I must admit that asides from going for completionist achievements (that can be nerfed out on Normal playthrough) this game is boring once you hit level 50. If not to appease us spoiled brat gamers, at least they need to offer something worthwhile to keep this game from dying for us with level 50 characters. From: A Level Cap Increase in Borderlands 2 Would Break the Game