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OUYA Unboxing

Yesterday, a small package was dropped off on my porch. It was a pleasant surprise since USPS didn't update my tracking number at all until it was delivered. Anyway, I had a few minutes in the morning to unbox it and snap a few pics. I figured some of you may be interested, so here it is, the OUYA unboxing.

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Welcome Home Payton

Six years ago today was a day I will always remember. It was the day we finally got to bring Payton home from the hospital. Three months earlier, we weren’t sure if that would ever happen. She was born just shy of 24 weeks gestation, which is extremely early. Her doctors told us her chances of surviving were pretty low, and we should be ready for the worst. The early days were the hardest. We didn’t know what to expect as we watched our 1 lb 12 oz baby fight for her life. We hoped for the best, yet the thought of losing her was always in the back of our minds. I dreaded hearing my phone ring when I was at work, away from my wife and little one.

by smurphster 4

CoD:WaW Zombie Mode - A Fresh Look

Every once in awhile, someone will post an article about their son/daughter playing a retro game, and post their reactions. It's always interesting to see their reactions because they're not clouded with nostalgia. As gamers, we tend to glorify our favorite classic games, yet they don't always age well. Revisiting an old title doesn't have the same effect, because you've stored memories of the controls, levels, and gameplay elements somewhere up in your noggin. A fresh look at an old game is rare. I had one of those experiences last night. While the game isn't that old, it was still an interesting experience.

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March Staff Meeting Wrapup

Another month, another successfully productive meeting. We chatted about what we've been playing and then launched right into business. We've been tweaking the features schedule a bit, lining up reviews, and fleshing out our ideas for the Co-Op Spotlights. We talked about SEO, which some of us had to Google, and a few other ideas about how we, as individuals, can help the site. That was followed up with quirks and bugs... Yes, we know there are some bugs around here, we'll squash 'em! Finally, we discussed our plans for PAX East, E3, and PAX Prime. I'm glad I'm not one of the four who will be sharing a single hotel room at E3... Yikes! That's a lot of man for one room.

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CCV: Wake Me When You Need Me

It should be no surprise that my most anticipated game of 2012 is none other than Halo 4. I love the Halo universe. I've played all the games and read most of the novels, so my imagination is going crazy about what is in store for Master Chief and Cortana. The last time we saw them, they escaped Installation 04's detonation onboard Forward Unto Dawn and attempted to make a slipspace jump back to Earth. However, the slipspace portal collapsed before the ship was through, leaving Cortana and Master Cheif stranded on half a ship.

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Polls like this are never an accurate sample considering people are more likely to read/find this article if they're experiencing issues. Still, 13 yeses after only 2 days isn't good! This is one reason I wouldn't mind going without an optical drive entirely. Optical drives have always been prone to failure.

From: Xbox One Has its Own Hardware Issues

Sounds like this is more of a PvP game with an option for AI bots. That's a little disappointing, but overall it looks like a ton of fun. Looking forward to this one.

From: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Release Dates Announced

Yes we will be. You can find links from our team page in the upper right: http://www.co-optimus.com/extralife-2013.php

I'll post an article the morning of Nov 2nd with the streams embedded as well.

From: Extra Life Myths Debunked

AWESOME! I'm so glad I grabbed the PC version on sale and then forgot about it. Once we get through the second campaign on xbox, I want to give this a try.

From: You'll Want to Watch Monaco's Zombie Co-Op Mode

Awesome! I bought it on my Windows 8 PC but it runs like crap. Glad to see co-op being added.

From: Halo: Spartan Assault Coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 with Co-Op