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You guys are all lucky, shame I don't have any of that luck . Nice stories everyone though From: Co-Op Couples: From "Dear" to Gear
IMO games that have co-op last longer for me than games that have multiplayer, simply because I never play online multiplayer by myself unless I have a friend beside me to kick some ass along the way. The chances of me finding a partner or some people to go co-op than multiplayer is pretty high, because co-op adds reply value and you get a different experince all the time with different people and different playstyles. Co-op is the future, it always has and aways will be. From: Mass Effect 3 and Syndicate Co-Op Modes May Hint At "Co-Op as the New Deathmatch"
Sad to here about co-op being cancelled, was really looking forward to it as well. Now there's not much excitment to it anymore, such a shame. From: Spec Ops: The Line's Co-Op Mode Cancelled
Don't think I'll have much gaming time with family poping over, but if I do it'll most likely be on Assassin's Creed: Revelations which I got the Animus Edition from my parents

Just want to wish everyone at Co-Optimus a fun and enjoyable Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday
Best wishes to all, & may you and your families be in good health

Kevin / TroNada / Killagruntjaro From: Our Weekend in Gaming - Happy Holidays Edition