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What's next, no more dedicated servers also? This is BS. Treyarch could never measure up to IW. Why do they want to follow in their footsteps? It would be more logical to listen to the "actual" players and meet their needs. That way, Treyarch would stand out from IW and possibly be more successful. Do people who develop games even play games? What a disappointment. Why don't they just admit that their programmers are too stupid to make the co-op play work properly. There is no other logical reason to take this feature out. Lost Planet 2 for PC is what I'm waiting for. Forget stupid COD. Hope their stupid studios go bankrupt. From: No Co-Op Campaign in Call of Duty: Black-Ops, Instead there are Co-Op Modes
no guns in ancient Greece. COD is all about guns From: Call of Duty 7 is Historical
Looks like a fun game. I want to win. From: Killing Floor Co-Op Review