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Great piece, and I can't wait to see you weigh in with PC figured into the mix.

All of my regular gaming friends are looking back to PC with the announcements of the new consoles. They may well pick up one or the other, but none of them are looking at them as a primary device anymore. Between Steam, Desura, bundle sales, etc., the higher cost of a PC can be quickly offset thanks to the much lower average price of games. Plus access to all of the gated content like Netflix without an additional fee.

I had almost completely given up on PC gaming about 8 years ago. Too many hassles, too expensive, not enough games. And now I find myself with a shiny new gaming rig sitting in the living room, and hardly any reason to turn on the 360. From: Generational Swap: How Sony Learned from their Mistakes and Why Microsoft Should Take Notice
I really wish they would pin down a release date for when the extra content will come to consoles. I actually never got around to finishing Dark Souls, had taken multiple characters three-quarters of the way through the game, but then I would suddenly want to start over and try something new. From: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Gamescom 2012 Trailer and New Screens
Ugh, looks like you have to link it to your Facebook account to access for now. I do not like this move of linking games or other services to social networks. Sometimes I just want to keep things in their discrete boxes. From: Infinity Blade 2 Patch Unleashes a Co-Op Clashmob
It is very likely they will get my money one way or another, either by buying DLC for the PS3 version or by picking it up on PC at some point. Dark Souls might be the best game of the entire generation for me. From: Will Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition's Special Content Come to Consoles?
I've had almost the exact same experience with ME3 multiplayer. It actually got me to re-activate my long dormant Gold account. Even playing with random strangers so far has been a blast. From: This Week In Co-Op: My Unexpected Addiction To Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer