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I think dead island struck a nice balance with the loot issue, whereby loot as a reward for finishing a mission is shared (1 item available for each player) and loot found randomly is just for the player who finds it.

made for some amusing times when one of us would go off randomly to loot, only to be outnumbered and need to call for help. From: Borderlands 2 Interview Dives into Co-Op Development
"Was the story strong enough for you to justify a single player adventure?" put it this way, I played through the whole game very recently with my girlfriend, and I don't really know who this Ryder White guy is.

This is a bizarre choice. Maybe they didn't have enough resources? I know call of juarez was so awful because they pooled all the resources into this game - maybe they've moved everyone around again.

It's very disappointing though - Dead Island was the most immersive coop fun we've had in ages but it looks like both copies will be finding themselves on ebay soon From: Dead Island: Ryder White DLC is Single Player Only!

it'll be to do with the way they wrote the software, but quite why its like that is strange. maybe they had problems if someone synced their usb device on one xbox, and then plugged it into another? perhaps someone brave enough will test this by swapping xbox hard drives around. or maybe they just disabled it to make it less troublesome for people who wanted to use their usb for game saves just like before.

what i originally wanted to write last time (i dont think this is the first time my comments have been swallowed up .. windows 7, chromium 16) is that 20GB xbox hard drives are very cheap on ebay. i couldnt even sell my spare one for £10 a few months ago. its probably best not going for the 20GB though, since you only have about 14GB free which probably isnt enough if you want to install battlefield 3 or la noir, for example. more games will probably span 3 discs as the xbox reaches the end of its life. From: Xbox 360 Metro Dashboard Impressions and Video Tour
this is great timing for 3 player couch co-op over christmas. too bad it also means ill probably be playing most of it drunk and uncomfortably full of food From: Trine 2 Release Date Announced
a co-op god game? what will the monotheists think of this? From: Babel Rising Brings Co-op to God Games