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I'd love to get a PC version, so me and a co-op partner can play Tennis by randomly picking out a pedestrian and using Penetrator bats to smack them back and forth between us.

(And I did say Tennis, not Badminton =P )

From: Saints Row IV PC and PlayStation 3 Giveaway
Pardon my french but...
you've got to be s@#ting me...

Well chalk that one up to a gaming memory that can now be filed as closed. =) From: Total Carnage's End Screen Bug Revealed 20 Years Later
Oh my dear god, that is awesome. The trailer is great too breaking out the 80s tunes and throwing in a camera angle right out of the original movie. From: Go Transformer Retro with a Gamestop Preorder
@txhurricane and @ong_elvin

Gentlemen! Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who. T'is s'posed to be a 'appy occasion!
From: Announcing SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance, A New Indie Game for XBLIG and PC
I've been waiting so much for info on this, and when it dissapeared from sight behind AvP and Duke announcements, I was fearful of the worst.

Whew. =) From: E3 2011 - Aliens: Colonial Marines Eyes-On Preview