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Some alums from a previous game project I was on are behind this game. Good luck, guys, looks great so far. From: Faunasphere PAX 2009 Preview
@bap - Bummer to hear that the MMO-conversion isn't going to work the way I first thought. Oh well, still looks like fun.

No co-op is a real drag, though. Might be fun to work on a co-op mod, however, if the mod toolset is decent. Maybe a organize a group effort through the site? There's got to be enough talent among the co-optimus reader base to put something together. From: Torchlight Hands on Preview
Flashbacks! First play-through of Sam co-op back in the day was magical.

This is a must-buy for co-op shooter fans. Sam had some great quips. Good times... From: Serious Sam HD Hands-On Preview, Trailer, and Screens

I enjoyed the Devil May (Make You) Cry games, but they were so hard. And when you died early on and the game popped up the "Oh, so you're a little weiner child who can't play the vidya, huh? Here you go, Sport, try Baby Mode"?


This will probably worth a rental for the novelty factor alone, though. From: Bayonetta PAX 2009 Preview
Games like this warm my cockles. My wife's been playing through Wind Waker on our Wii lately and it's a good reminder that a game with stylish, coherent art direction and a solid engine can really age well.

Been looking forward to this one for a while.

@Tasark - Been playing through Odin Sphere again recently. Amazing game. From: Muramasa: The Demon Blade Impressions