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that gun looks so overpowered, but Saints row 3 wasn't fun for its balance, that game did everything it could to break itself in the name of fun. From: Saints Row 4 Pre-Order Bonuses Go Uber Patriotic for USA
bean bag chairs are fun, but the lack of back/neck support has always kept me away from them. This would be pretty good, but I'd still have to mount my TV on the ceiling to be comfortable. From: Sumo Emperor Impressions
This game sounds so damn awesome, I'm such a sucker for post end of the world stuff, and the armor with cloaks and stuff look awesome. From: More Details on Destiny's Universe Revealed by Bungie
Is this actually the last DLC? I thought I read somewhere that they were planning a second season of DLC, but they may skip that in favor of BL3. From: New Screenshots of 'Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon's Keep' DLC Emerge from Gearbox
When will the dead island riptide review be up? I was reading kotaku's review, where they said it was way worse then the first. I often disagree with their reviews though, and you guys are more inline with my gaming ideals, and I'm curious to see what ya'll think. From: The Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 4.22.2013