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Oh look! It's the 6millionth zombie game that is a top-down shooter! How original!

From: Dead Sky Out Now on Steam (and on Sale!)

All I gotta say is this: Add LAN/System Link/Ad-Hoc support, then we can trick the games to think we are in the same room with programs like Tunngle, Hamachi, Leaf, Wippien, XLink Kai...etc...etc, and we can all play together.

From: Nintendo's Plans Don't Include Online Multiplayer

Well since this is a techdemo, I assume the "Crowd meter" is good when you press the correct buttons in the QTE.

From: Are you not Entertained? Ryse's Co-Op Mode in Video Form
Good, because this game has NOTHING to do with ObsCure... From: Flip, Reverse it, Obscure 2013 now called Final Exam