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When Co-op is not possible

For those on the forums who don't know me, I am was a frequent member of the forums and site. I still visit for the news and features. But my lifestyle changed back in the fall of 2010. I had graduated from college and in September got a job in the northern Virginia area outside of DC (USA's capital, for your information). No longer was I going to work a part-time in customer service, but 40 hours a week programming in Java.

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CCV: My Backlog, Let me show you it

This is the continuation of a series I have been doing each year. For the entertainment and education of the masses. You can view links of the previous installments at the bottom.

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Yeah, it is good that they are patching it, but most likely those patches were probably already in the works. I'm definitely going to wait a while before I consider getting GTAV, I don't want to deal with this nonsense.

They clearly pushed GTA Online after GTAV release to avoid reducing the review scores. Very shady.

From: Save our Saves: The Latest GTA V Patch Info

I'm going to continue and wait. I'm thinking until I stop hearing about problems with GTA Online. March, maybe?

From: GTA Online Patched, Problems Persist Including Loss of Characters and Money

Going to wait for the price to go down. Not interested in Avatar stuff, unless it's a flashier ODST like the one I got from Halo 3: ODST.

I like the Halo series, but I'll be fine cutting ties with it.

From: See Above: Halo 4 GotY Edition

@smurph One of my favorite experiences has been playing that from start to finish with 3 co-op partners. I've saved those playthroughs from hard drive to hard drive. I'm keeping them until my 360 dies. :)

From: Party Like it's 2007: Halo 3 Goes Free with Gold Oct 16th

I'm interested in the structure of the game, but I have doubts as to the story and whether there will be characters we care about like Master Cheif, Cortana, or Sergent Johnson

From: Destiny Box Art Revealed