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If the maths are the problem, there were other ways they could have achieved this, and still can.
Just raise the level cap to 51, but make the xp requirement exponentially difficult, as if the player was going up 10 levels. Or instead of rewarding players with math increases beyond 50, just reward them with unique weapons.

The rewards of leveling up don't have to be math based, they just have to feel rewarding. From: A Level Cap Increase in Borderlands 2 Would Break the Game
I really enjoyed playing co-op on this, but would have preferred a paid product model instead of freemium. From: Age of Empires Online Summer Update Has Come of Age
This is playing out exactly as my Capco's fortunes in Game Dev Story. From: How Operation Raccoon City Sold 2 Million Copies, but Failed Capcom Financially
The picture is even more dire on the wiiware service. And I would argue that android and ios apps are even more severely frontpage/top 10 or doa. Psn and live really need to copy some of the features of steam, like wishlist building (as well as for future content). They should have far more sales of older content, and finding content needs to be streamlined. It's great that I can purchase xbox content from my browser (sony needs to make this an option), but that browsing experience isn't particularly appealing.
I find myself relying on external sites and forums for services the system should provide. From: On the Download Issue 36: The Decline of XBLA