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I'd say it's disappointing, but they have a decent point. I absolutely loved the campaign in UC2 and got really into the story. If I had somebody else with me, it would have been fun, but almost a distraction and I probably wouldnt have sat there and enjoyed the cinematics and story as much.

That being said, I definitely agree that they should allow you to unlock it after a first playthrough. It really would make everybody happy. Keep the experience for the first play through, and give the gamers what they want. From: Naughty Dog: Uncharted 3 Story Supercedes Co-Op
game was well made but I agree with the other poster. the only way I could play with friends was if we skyped each other while playing and told each other where to drop souls. Also, quite annoying cause only 1 of us could be alive. no save points made the game annoying, hard and repetitive. dont get me wrong, I loved the challenge... but I would like a more user oriented co-op with continuous co-op throughout the game. if my buddies and I could have fought through each mission together, while alive, and all progressed and leveled throughout the story, it would have been truly awesome. oh and my biggest gripe, there was this great invention that they added to next gen consoles, its called voice chat. allow it during co-op. From: Demon's Souls 2 Coming Later This Year?