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by shazoo

Search engine urban legend?

Yesterday I cant remember how the search started but it went from energy cars to being green to oscar the grouch, a few searches in between then to hilary clinton, then eventually to Obama links, today, it went from celebrities with herpes --> famous people with herpes and eventually, back to Obama.  And I'm pretty sure I remember the search results showing him the previous day to. I'm starting to wonder if there is some anti-christ urban legend thing that Links all search results eventually to Obama.  :shock:  :lol: 

by shazoo

Shazoo's favorite coop game of all time.

my favorite coop game of all time would have to be command and conquer red alert for the PSX.  It was the game that made my brother and I purchase another PSX and extension cable for to play together via system link.  We would set up skirmishes on a particular map that featured an almost tic tac toe play field and then build up our def...

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