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Kane Sideram
Whoah woah woah! He just said Local? It's splitscreen? From: Saints Row: The Third Proves a Lot Can Happen in 8 Minutes
Kane Sideram
In response to KingKrikkit, I can tell you it's incredibly difficult to do split screen and retain any semblence of the original graphics in modern games. A few years ago, it wasn't such a big deal, as the games weren't pushing the 360 to it's limits, but in this day and age, the 360, and to a lesser extent the PS3 is being pushed to it's boundaries.

To include off-line splitscreen, you are quite literally doubling what the console has to render. The offset to this is to cut players off so they can't backtrack. Essentially limiting how much of a level a player has to have loaded at a time. GoW does this. You'll find a level split into short sections which once you've progressed, you cannot go back.

With an open-environment game, such as this, you can't close off parts of the level, so more of it has to be loaded to ram at a time.

I can assure you, that this situation will only get worse, as games push the consoles beyond their limitations. It's almost signalling the death of split-screen until the next Console generation is born and the benchmark resets.

That day is still along time away, so it might be worth simply investing in another console and LAN'ing or Online'ing it. From: Twelve Minutes of Dead Island Gameplay Footage
Kane Sideram
Does one of those screenshots depict a woman weilding a 4 foot dildo as a weapon? Am I actually seeing this correctly? o.O

This game just became godly. From: Saints Row: The Third - More Screenshots than you can Waggle a Dubious Weapon At
Kane Sideram
True. I wasn't being utterly serious, but as usual I forgot that written text loses alot of inflection. From: A Valley Without Wind Announces Co-Op - Part Minecraft, Part MMORPG
Kane Sideram
So it's begun. The Minecraft bandwagon has pulled into the station. From: A Valley Without Wind Announces Co-Op - Part Minecraft, Part MMORPG