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I have purchased this game the morning it came out and have been playing it all day. It is co-op and has versus and this increases the replay value. The game play is amazing because plat formers usually aren't 6 player multi-player. Also the variety of weapons and items increase your interest and the replay value. Also if you are a old castlevania fan you'll will notice old characters which you can play as the neat thing is all these characters play completely different and gain powers in completely different ways. These ways are not completely explained and that is why it has received fairly low ratings in reviews. But i think it tells you enough so that you are interested. Another complaint was that it was to difficult but thats not true me and my friends joined together and beat the entire game in 1 sitting. It was definitely a challenge but thats what makes it fun. The Word final boss has deteriorated in the past decade and this game definitely tried to bring it back and succeed.

Also DLC has been announced and this is definitely my favorite arcade game yet.


Xbox360 gamertag: Plazum From: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Co-Op Review