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CCV The Perfect Game...For Me: Rome: Total War

It has finally come to this: after several years (turns) of planning, you gather all your soldiers into the largest army you have ever assembled, leaving regions of your empire unprotected while you march to conquer Rome.   But Rome will not go without a fight. As soon as you lay siege to the city, several Roman armies rally to defend their city. Their armies combined are twice the size of your own army and the computer tells you your chances of winning are 1:3.

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Did you guys review Puppeteer? I would like to see how good this game is from a co-op perspective.

From: Puppeteer Includes No-Fail Co-Op Mode

This patch was released about a month ago!

From: New Diablo III Patch Hits Consoles Today

You can also play co-op in Beyond: Two Souls with the regular ps3 controller.

From: Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 10.07.2013

This is the most compelling reason I have seen for going next gen. I loved awesomenauts in the ps3 but I felt it stagnated after tge publisher went broke

From: Romino Announces Their PS4 Version of Awesomenauts
Resident Evil 6 should be on that list. It is definitively better than Syndicate and Skylanders. From: Community Poll: 2012 Co-Op Game of the Year