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Here's hoping we get couch co-op! From: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Brings New Meaning to 'Dream Team'
Gears 3 has full bot support, plus split-screen. Now that my kids are in Junior High/High School, it's our go-to co-op game. Plus my daughter can play as a female character, which is harder to find than one might think. It's a pity BF doesn't support bots...

Also, I miss Bad Company. That was a great set of characters and made the games stand out from the slew of Tom Clancy style dramas. Maybe someday they'll be back. From: Battefield 4 Announced - Dropping Co-Op
Sweet mother of Gandhi! Local co-op?!? I honestly hadn't even hoped for that! Day one purchase for me! From: PAX East 2013 - Diablo 3 (PS3) Hands-On Preview
Congrats! Added it to my queue, and I'll give it a go tonight. From: SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is Now Available
EDIT Bah, no local co-op? Sad Jhooud. From: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Gets a Much Needed Patch