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Man, gauntlet was so long ago, but I am up for any game that is in that vein.

That, and I want to see how the dungeonmaster works out. Nifty concept for a game, and I really look forward to giving it a shot. From: Dungeonland Interview - More like Gauntlet, Less Like Diablo
I approve of the term "Little plastic bastards". From: Skylanders Giants Coming This October, New Video Reveals Air Giant
Xbox 360 here. Personally I'd love a gun that made the sound effect come from around 40 feet away in a random direction, especially if it was a sniper rifle. Good luck figuring out where the shot came from. From: Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Giveaway
Well, I'd love a shot at this. I remember playing Wanderlust a long time ago when it was still mostly prototype.

Favorite Action RPG? Honestly lately that has been Skylanders, odd as it sounds. All time one would still probably be Torchlight. From: Indie-Ana Co-Op and the Wanderlust
Robots. They shoot from farther away and contribute nothing to the environment! From: Win 1 of 3 Copies of Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon