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Now's your chance to test-ah, who am I kidding? You're gonna die.

Temple of Elemental Evil Co-op Board Game Out Now

For many of the human sub-species known as "Grognards", the classic "Temple of Elemental Evil" module was their first opportunity to get a taste of the excitement, hilarity, and pure death that Dungeons and Dragons had to offer.  For those of us who were too young for such an opportunity, WizKids is offering a chance to revisit the horrors surrounding the village of Hommlet in their latest board game, "The Temple of Elemental Evil".

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Sand, sun, and an ancient flying machine

Tabletop Co-Op: Forbidden Desert

Welcome to another Tabletop Co-Op article, in which we unplug from the consoles and take a look at cooperative board and card games. Today, we will take on the roles of a group of adventurers, and set off on a trip. Searching the ruins of an ancient city, our heroes must brave the sand and searing heat to find a fabled flying machine. If they find ...

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Gaming for the folks with the REAL guns

Join Us for Operation Supply Drop's 4th Annual 8-Bit Salute

Next month, Co-Optimus staff and community will be participating in Operation Supply Drop's 4th Annual 8-Bit Salute. We're hoping to put together a team of co-op gamers (like you!) to attempt a 24 hour marathon of gaming for our troops. Of course, it's not all fun and games, we're raising money to send gaming-filled care packages to our troops who are risking their lives to defend the US and her allies. These courageous folks are under continuous stress, and could truly benefit from a mental escape that gaming often provides.

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Camelot Unchained, Lineage II, and Elder Scrolls Online

MMO Co-Opportunities LIII: A Brave New World for MMOs

Spring is in the air! In a time of changing seasons, that change could also be seen as a reflection of the state of MMOs right now. It seems like developers have stopped chasing the legendary “WoW-killer,” (including Blizzard themselves), and have gone in the direction of making MMOs for a very specific crowd, whether that’s build...

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PlayStation bounty.

Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for March, 2015

This month saw a healthy dose of releases, especially for PlayStation owners with titles like Helldivers, Bloodborne, and Jamestown all seeing the light of day. Grand Theft Auto V dominated the news with its slight PC delay and co-op heists release. What else happened? Just check it out below.

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