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Pictured: An early draft of the San Diego Chargers' inaugural uniform.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Mega Men

I'm not necessarily saying this weekend will be filled with rage-induced controller destruction, but given that Nick picked up a certain collection of games, it seems unavoidable.  I'm also not necessarily saying the two weddings Jason's attending will devolve into orgies of carnal pleasures after seeing thirty seconds of his "Cha Cha Slide" routine, but I'm not not saying that, either.

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Lounge anywhere. On air.

Sumo Air Impressions

Gather round friends, for it's time to check out another offering from the lounge scientists at Sumo. We recently received a test unit for the new Sumo Air, which is an inflatable offering, instead of their traditional beanbag lounge. As a chronically lazy person, I am always willing to flop onto something comfortable and report my findings. After using it in my living room, and at two outdoor events, I shall present my impressions.

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Content patches and DLC for GW2 and ESO, major expansion announcement for RIFT

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXVIII: Shadows and Starfalls

As the end of the summer starts to roll around, large content launches and expansion announcements start to gear up for MMOs, just as we see this August. This month for MMO Co-Opportunities we take a look at Living World Season 3 starting up for Guild Wars 2, a large content-focused DLC and update hitting Elder Scrolls Online, and a major expansion...

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Calm before the storm?

Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for July, 2016

Hard to believe that July has come and gone. Traditionally the quietest month of the year for gaming, July 2016 pretty much followed suit. A handful of releases, mostly re-releases and indie; and teases of what's to come this fall. August should heat up a bit more before we get into our proper gaming explosion this fall. 

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In which Terrence Howard runs into a public library screaming, "You're mine now, Clefairryyyyyy!"

Our Weekend In Gaming: Hustle & Go

G'day, folks.  Another scorching hot summer weekend is on deck, but that probably won't stop the droves of Pokemon Go players from swarming every landmark in a ten mile radius of their homes.  Honestly, can you blame them?  What's a little sun poisoning when you're given the opportunity to catch an "actual" Pokemon and give it an embarrassing nickname?

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