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Evolving the month.

Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for February, 2015

February was a solid month for Co-Op gamers which saw the release of Evolve and Monster Hunter 4. Dying Light's tail end of January release also made it a popular game to watch during this short month. Let's look at some of the popular stories and features around co-op gaming for February, 2015.

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Warriors and whales and dragon balls, oh my!

Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 2.22.2015

It's the last week of February. Do you know what that means? No more crappy weather! We can finally go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! Wait, it's not beautiful where you live? Fine. Move somewhere nicer. If that's not an option you can drown your snowy sorrows in the warm embrace of these new co-op releases:

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Co-Opticast Episode 138: It's Evolution Baby

Ah yes, Evolve. Four hunters and one giant monster. It's primal and divisive, and it's the topic of our discussion for much of this episode. What else is on tap? Gaming confessions and game design discussion. Who knew?

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Just a taste.

Playstation 4 Multiplayer Free Weekend Feb 13-15th

Sony's looking to give Playstation Plus-less PS4 Owners a taste of the sweet life this weekend. From Friday, February the 13th through the 15th, everybody with Sony's current console can play multiplayer online, free of charge, even if you haven't invested in PS Plus quite yet. Maybe dipping thy toe into the crystaline waters, and getting a taste for playing online co-op, will encourage you to pick up Sony's subscription service to keep the game train rollin'.

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An expansion on the horizon for GW2 and the subscription cut for ESO

MMO Co-Opportunities LI: Big Changes A-Coming

Two of the biggest MMO announcements this past month were the Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns, and Elder Scrolls Online soon to stop its subscription model. This month on MMO Co-Opportunities we take a closer look at both of these announcements. ‚Äč Guild Wars 2 Unveils First Expansion, Heart of Thorns The Guild Wars 2 expansion anno...

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