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PlayStation bounty.

Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for March, 2015

This month saw a healthy dose of releases, especially for PlayStation owners with titles like Helldivers, Bloodborne, and Jamestown all seeing the light of day. Grand Theft Auto V dominated the news with its slight PC delay and co-op heists release. What else happened? Just check it out below.

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Tabletop Co-Op: Star Realms

In 2008, a card game called Dominion was published, and an entire genre of card games was born. Known as deckbuilders, these games give players a small deck of cards to start with, and allow them to add to and customize their deck each turn. By fine tuning the contents of your deck, you can amass the most points, or defeat or your foes, or, most im...

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Check out Some quick shots of the show

PAX East 2015 In Pictures

We've just returned from PAX East 2015, expect to see a few pieces of coverage from the show floor. Until we get to that, we have a handful of pictures of some of the more interesting stuff we spotted around Boston. The Steam controller was there, Blizzard's new game Overwatch, a ton of indie games were there, and a whole lot of board games were being played. Of course there were tons of cosplayers who put some amazing work into their costumes. Enjoy!

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