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Not even the Avengers can save THQ from going under.

The Co-Op Avengers Game That Could Have Been

"Comic books" have been pretty popping in the last few years. Every new TV show or major movie franchise of late seems to have some basis in a long-standing comic book franchise, from Marvel building their massive Movieverse to DC's decade-long plan for films and TV shows. But what about video games? Aside from the Batman games and some (admittedly solid) LEGO titles, comic-verse fans have had little more than mobile games to sink their teeth into.

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Alienware Steam Machine and Steam Controller Review

As a life-long PC gamer, the concept of a Steam Machine to me seems unessential. But in talking to someone who’s been a traditional console gamer, the appeal becomes a little more clear. It's a gateway that breaks down a traditional high barrier of entry. It provides a simple solution to access a library of thousands of PC titles with minimal knowledge of hardware and software.  A Steam Machine can be manufactured by anyone, in fact, you could technically build your own. Today we’re going to look at an offering from Alienware.

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