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Backwards compatibility arriving this winter

[E3 2015] Play 360 Titles on Your Xbox One, New Xbox One Controller

When the newest generation of consoles debuted at E3 two years ago, one of the biggest gripes players had about them was that previous titles were not supported. Sony eventually revealed PlayStation Now, a kind of rental/streaming service for older titles. Today, Microsoft went one step further and announced that the Xbox One will fully support 360 titles natively.

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It's not quite what you think.

The Steam Summer Sale is Here, And it Features the Biggest Co-Op Game Ever

At this point the Steam Sale has gotten so large, it's almost impossible for us to wrangle our heads around the daily deals on cooperative games. There are literally hundreds of games on sale everyday and your best bet is to simply add what you're looking for to your wish list and check that everyday at 1PM Eastern when the new daily sales trigger.

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Warlocks coming to DDO, more details to GW2\'s Revenant, and Wildstar to go free-to-play

MMO Co-Opportunities LV: Warlocks, Revenants, and Transitions

Summer’s officially here. That means sun, surf, and MMOs, right? For this issue of MMO Co-Opportunities, we have a preview of the new Warlock class for Dungeons & Dragons Online, information on a newly announced playstyle for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns’ Revenant profession, and the reveal of Wildstar going free to play in Fall 20...

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Like some sort of water phoenix, the Shrimpers emerge from the waves of despair.

Shrimpers Forever Volume 3: Darkest Before The Dawn

The clock is ticking.  A man sits in his underwear in a recliner in a room just a few yards away from Southend United's home stadium, The Loading Dock.  On the wall is a tracksuit, fresh from the dry cleaner.  He can hear the crowds begin to filter in.  Their nervous chatter rings faintly against his eardrums, like an old-time radio play being broadcast a few rooms away.  He wonders what they might be saying for just a moment before instinctively tossing the thought from his mind.

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Built like a tank.

SteelSeries Apex M800 Impressions

If you read our coverage on the Logitech G910 Orion Spark mechanical keyboard, you probably already know I was testing it against a few other mechanical gaming keyboards. One of those is the recent entry from SteelSeries - the Apex M800, which resembles the design of their popular Apex keyboard. Instead the mechanical variety uses custom switches to ditch that mushy membrane feel and deliver the clicky clacky sound that tells everyone in your office you’re getting some serious work (gaming) done.

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