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Help us raise money for the troops

8-Bit Salute Starts Tomorrow - Play With Us!

Tomorrow, at 8AM Central, we're starting our 24-hour marathon along with thousands of others for 8-Bit Salute. We'll be playing all day and we'd like to welcome everyone to join us. Our Twitch stream will be here on the front page of Co-Optimus, but you can also watch us on our Twitch page. You can also chat with us there, so feel free to jump in the chat and keep us company!

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News for GW2\'s upcoming expansion and updates for TERA and Wildstar

MMO Co-Opportunities LIV: May Your Chosen MMO Continue to Grow

Summer is definitely on its way, and we all know what that means: updates for existing MMOs and expansion news. In a time where new MMO production is certainly tapering off, many current MMOs are bringing out the big guns to try to entice former players back. This month, we’re looking at new and updates for TERA, Wildstar, and the Guild Wars ...

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Also some console hardware deals for the week too!

WWE15 & Project CARS Drops 25% Before Launch & Co-Op Deals Roundup

This week marks the worldwide release of Project CARS from Slightly Mad Studios. The game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for $49.99... but if PC is your platform of choice you can slash that price tag to $37.50 at GMG. There a 25% off coupon code cuts $12.50 off the MSRP making the best price online from a digitally authorized retailer. While the co-op career mode won't be available come launch day, it has been stated that it will arrive as a free expansion in the near future.

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Now's your chance to test-ah, who am I kidding? You're gonna die.

Temple of Elemental Evil Co-op Board Game Out Now

For many of the human sub-species known as "Grognards", the classic "Temple of Elemental Evil" module was their first opportunity to get a taste of the excitement, hilarity, and pure death that Dungeons and Dragons had to offer.  For those of us who were too young for such an opportunity, WizKids is offering a chance to revisit the horrors surrounding the village of Hommlet in their latest board game, "The Temple of Elemental Evil".

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Sand, sun, and an ancient flying machine

Tabletop Co-Op: Forbidden Desert

Welcome to another Tabletop Co-Op article, in which we unplug from the consoles and take a look at cooperative board and card games. Today, we will take on the roles of a group of adventurers, and set off on a trip. Searching the ruins of an ancient city, our heroes must brave the sand and searing heat to find a fabled flying machine. If they find ...

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