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Plarium Games continues to deliver countless titles for mobile and pc gamers

Free To Play Games like Throne: Kingdom at War are Driven by Co-Op Elements

Free to play games, specifically those popular on mobile platforms, are growing and an incredible rate. The sheer size and volume of these games are not to be underestimated. The developers behind these games have grown equally as impressive in size, sometimes dwarfing those companies that put out AAA Console and PC games. One of those developers is Plarium.

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Living Story Update for Guild Wars 2, Housing and Expansion Announcement for Elder Scrolls Online

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXXIV: Elder Scrolls Online Heaven

February is here, bringing cold days and snow (at least to the Northeastern part of the USA). The bright side to that is that snowy days make for good days to sip hot beverages while playing your favorite MMOs. This month, we have MMO news on Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online....

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..or mess with your friends.

Co-Pilot Your Kids on Xbox One

The latest beta update for the Xbox One has a unique and interesting option in it for parents with younger gamers just learning the ropes of a controller. It's called Co-Pilot mode and it allows two controllers to essentially be recognized as one by the console. While not exactly co-op in the traditional sense, utilizing something like this is definitely a gateway drug into further co-op gaming.

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When do we get hoverboards, again?

Our Weekend In Gaming: The Newest of Years

We made it!  Despite its best efforts, 2016 loosened its vice grip just long enough for us to wriggle free into the bountiful land of 2017.  What treasures await us here?  Eh, it's tough to say yet.  What we do know, though, is that there's gonna be plenty of co-op goodness to be had.  Be it via tabletop, board, or video gaming, we're gonna have tons of chances to gather a few good friends and take down some crummy incarnation of evil.

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